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ASCLiP Forecast Forum. (2011-2012)
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Temperature, Seasonal Scale Forecasts
Asefa, T. (October 2011). PWSU-CIWG Research Need Update.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Temperature, Extreme Weather, Working Document
Working Document Presented at Workshop 4 of the FloridaWCA, October 7, 2011
Asefa, T. and A. Adams. 2013 Reducing Bias-Corrected Precipitation Projection Uncertainties: A Bayesian-Based Indicator-Weighting Approach, Regional Environmental Change (doi:10.1007/s10113-013-0431-9)
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Published Article, Long-term Forecasts
Published Article Asefa and Adams 2013 Regional Environmental Change
Asefa,T and A. Adams. (Feb 2014), Coping with uncertainties in CMIP preciptiation projections: A case study from west central Florida
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Long-term Forecasts
Presentation Presented at the 2014 University of Florida Water Institute Symposium
Bastola, S. and Misra, V. 2013. Evaluation of dynamically downscaled reanalysis precipitation data for hydrological application. Hydrological Processes DOI: 10.1002/hyp.9734
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Water, Published Article
Published Article Bastola and Misra 2013 Hydrological Processes
Cullum, M. (May 2011). Long-Term Climate Change Evaluation for the St. Johns River Water Management District: Water supply impact study. SJRWMD.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Water, Sea Level Rise/Change, Long-term Forecasts
Presentation Cullum 2011 St Johns River Water Supply Impact Study
Graham, W. (February 2012). NOAA Project Update. UF Water Institute.
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Sea Level Rise/Change, Seasonal Scale Forecasts, Long-term Forecasts, Communication
Presentation Presented at Workshop 5 of the FloridaWCA, February 28, 2012
Graham, W., Hwang, S., Adams, A., Assefa, T., & Guerink, J. (May 2011). Statistical and Dynamic Downscaling of GCM predictions for use with Tampa Bay Water’s Integrated Hydrologic Model. UF Water Institute.
   Tags:  Case Studies, Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Water
Presentation Presented at Workshop 3 of the FloridaWCA, May 4, 2011
Hayhoe, K. (October 2011). Developing High Resolution Climate Projections Florida
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Presentation, Temperature, Long-term Forecasts
Presentation Presented at Workshop 4 of the FloridaWCA, October 7, 2011
Hwang et al. 2011. Quantitative Spatiotemporal Evaluation of Dynamically Downscaled MM5 Precipitation Predictions over the Tampa Bay Region, Florida. Journal of Hydrometeorology DOI: 10.1175/2011JHM1309.1
   Tags:  Climate, Rainfall, Published Article
Published Article


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