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What we are interested in, who we are, and what we do together are all equal aspects of building the FloridaWCA learning network and producing viable, relevant outcomes of mutual interest to the members. Bringing together multiple stakeholders with different perspectives and organizational contexts requires engagement, program and logistical coordination, and mechanisms for feedback. Our encounters must be more than a collection of meetings!

The FloridaWCA employs an iterative process guided by key social learning and educational foundations (E. Wenger’s “Communities of Practice” and D. Kolb’s Experiential Learning.) We are engaging in a deliberate set of workshops and activities to create learning opportunities for 1) understanding the stakeholders’ 2) assessing climate tools, 3) evaluating applicability of tool to water resource and supply operations planning, and 4) actual implementation and using the information for making decisions.

Below you can find information on FloridaWCA organization and formation, including documentation of workshops and other activities. Click on links below.

  • Workshops - Agendas, Reports, and Presentations from each workshop are available here
  • Documents- Documents relating to and facilitating the learning network’s establishment, development and growth