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At FloridaWCA, we are interested in real-life applications of Climate information to various aspects of water resources management from short-term operation, seasonal forecasts to long-term planning processes. It promotes a structured decision making and adaptive management frameworks. Actionable science helps in meeting societal, environmental and economic competing objectives. The knowledge and products of FloridaWCA will help local, regional, and state water resources professionals as well as different stakeholders to make an informed decisions guided by applied science that is applicable to their unique environment. It is well-documented that Florida has a unique climate, and hence, water resources environment, no off-the-shelf product will address concerns at local scale.

Below is a collection of resources focused on water resource and supply planning of interest to FloridaWCA. Since most of the categories are interrelated, the same resource can be tagged with more than one topic. Currently the majority of resources found here are authored/co-authored by members of FloridaWCA but the collection anticipated to include other relevant publications as appropriate and suggested by the participants. Click on links below.